Work first, then pleasure? We say: both!

We work wherever it makes sense.

We are flexible when it comes to selecting our place of work. Nevertheless, we believe it is important to have a place where we come together in order to collaborate on joint projects, exchange information, or simply spend the lunch break together.

Our offices are centrally located in the 1st District, at Wipplingerstrasse 20,

and they were renovated only recently. We think the result is impressive.


Your working day at SINN will be characterised by…

…variety. As an international full-service provider, we are constantly taking on exciting projects for well-known customers across different industries and countries.


…respect. We have a policy to be friendly towards colleagues, and we are all on informal terms with one another. For us, the focus is on expertise – not job titles or command structure.


…trust. We rely heavily on personal responsibility in the allocation of work and time, and with our hybrid work concept, you are flexible and free to work at different locations, for example, in the office, at home, or on the move.


…further development. We offer a working environment with a future and perspectives, plus opportunities for personal training and certification in various fields.


…fun. We don’t just work as a team. We also have fun together! For example, at company celebrations, staff days, or special events. But also in everyday situations, when having lunch together, drinking coffee, or pursuing funny break activities.