Who we are and what we do:

We score by demonstrating competence

We are an international expert organisation for SAP BRIM (SOM, CC, CI, FI-CA). As an SAP Gold Partner, we implement the business processes of our customers across the entire consume-to-cash/order-to-cash process. From customer creation and contract creation/order entry, pricing, billing, and invoicing of services used up to the posting of customer invoices, and ultimately administration and collection (payment processes, dunning process, collection process, etc.) of outstanding receivables.

We look after leading international customers from a wide variety of industries in Europe and the USA, from energy supply and online trade up to telecommunications. Together, we have already implemented over 100 exciting projects.

For us, innovation is paramount. Therefore, it is only logical that we pursue new market trends and new technological developments.​ For this reason, we are currently extending our business segments in the fields of Internet of Things (IOT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and SAP Cloud products.

Become part of the SINN team

Our team is very valuable to us. After all, their expert knowledge and commitment rank among the most important factors contributing to our success. For this reason, we make sure new colleagues fit into the team well and can identify with our values.

We are over 30 colleagues – with many different cultures, generations, backgrounds, and interests – all quite different and yet ONE! A team that together has completed even the most difficult project successfully. Incidentally, there is enough time left for having fun together, and perhaps even some mischief! We have so much fun working together and during our different break- and after-work-activities that ever since our company was established over 8 years ago, not a single person in our midst has served notice.